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John Malkowski Photography

With the payment of the Deposit, the Wedding party is agreeing to the following

1) If for any reason the wedding should be cancelled or services be cancelled due                                                                  to wedding plans, the original deposit will not be refunded.

2) Should the Wedding date be changed more then 180 days prior to original date,
the Photographer will make every effort to re-schedule. If not 1/2 of the original
deposit will be refunded and 1/2 will be forfeited.

3)If the Wedding date is changed within 180 days of originally scheduled date, the
Photographer will make every effort to reschedule the time. If he is NOT able to
do so then 100% of the payment received will be forfeited.

4)If the Photographer is ill or incapacitated and not able to secure a replacement
Photographer then 100% of the received payments will be refunded, however, the
Wedding party WILL NOT be entitled to any financial damages.

5)If the Photographer should experience any technical malfunctions or damage to
his equipment which prohibits him from completion of services, then 100% of
payments will be refunded to the Wedding party. NO other financial damages will
be entitled to the Wedding Party.

6) 30 days after the wedding parties receipt of the online proofs of all edited
photos and/or purchased photo packages, Photographers receipt of all cleared
funds for final balance, the business transaction will be considered complete with
both parties fully satisfied.

7) Deposits will be made as stated: 25% of Package Price to hold scheduled date.
25% of Package Price 60 days prior to scheduled date. Remaining 50% of Package
Price the day of the Wedding. Additional purchasing of photos and/or albums will
be made at online photo gallery.

In sending your original deposit, the wedding party is agreeing to all terms to this

Thank You for letting me Photograph this special day for you and I look forward to
meeting you soon.

John Malkowski

224 Princess Anne Rd. Va. Beach Va. 23457